Version 2.1
available October 2017

EzGraphics is a Python package for creating and working with simple drawings and digital images within a basic desktop window. While there are several full featured graphics packages available for Python, these packages are somewhat complex and can be overwhelming for the beginning programmer. EzGraphics was designed to provide simple and easy to use tools for teaching and using Python in the classroom. Though, it can be used in production software to create simple drawings such as figures, graphs, and charts and for displaying digital images.

EzGrahpics provides a collection of classes that encapsulates the basic features of Tkinter — Python’s standard graphics package. These classes are fully documented in the reference guide and a user guide is provided that illustrates how the package is used and the available features.

The ezgraphics module is used in the new Wiley textbook
Python For Everyone,
by Cay Horstmann and Rance Necaise.

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